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About Healink

Healink is not your typical tattoo shop, we take a holistic approach to tattooing, focusing not only on the visual aspect, but also the emotional & spiritual aspects of the process. Our artists take the time to listen and connect with our clients on a deeper level, understanding their unique stories, struggles, and desires. Through this collaborative & therapeutic approach, we co-create tattoos that are not only visually stunning, but also healing psychologically. Tattoos can serve as a powerful tool for personal transformation and healing.

Our experienced team are trained in various modalities of healing, and dedicated to creating tattoos that go beyond aesthetics and delve into the realms of emotional & mental well-being. We prioritize creating a welcoming environment, where our clients can feel comfortable sharing and expressing their emotions.Whether you’re seeking a tattoo to commemorate a significant event, honor a loved one, create physical manifestations, or to simply express yourself, Healink is here to support you in your tattoo journey.

I have had a truly incredible experience at healink. The artists are not only immensely talented in their craft, but also deeply compassionate and empathetic. They took the time to truly understand my emotional and spiritual needs, and translated them into a breathtaking tattoo that has brought me so much comfort and solace.

What We Offer

Healink offers a variety of permanent and semi permanent tattooing processes. View all of our services to learn more!

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About the Creator

Sarah Morris is a Graphic Design student at UW-Stout, with a concentration in interactive media. As someone who finds the tattooing process quite theraputic, I wanted to learn more about the benefits of tattoos both emotionally and physically.

1564 Blossom Street
Menomonie WI, 54751

9 am - 4 pm