See The Dog
Dog sleeping illustration Dog running illustration Ice cube illustration Fish bowl illustration

Training Session

Training in a park by practicing recall.
This is his favorite activity, these days he comes back to me even before I call him.
It's always so satisfying seeing him so engaged with me and willing to learn new things. Training has always been a big task for us and we still have so much to work on a year later.

A Good Nap

After moving into our new apartment, we were both very tired. Brigo slept super soundly, despite not actually helping move anything!
I love to watch him sleep while he's dreaming. I hope his dreams are only filled with good things.

Gone Fishing

Shortly after coming home, Brigo discovered my fish tank.
The first time he noticed the fish, he had jumped up and tried to put his paws on the glass!
After that I had to supervice him very closely whenever he wanted to play with the fish.

Just a Taste

Brigo originally came from Texas. Being a young dog, I was sure he had never seen snow before.
At first, he was not a fan.
Eventually, he learned to love it!
Eating snow and ice became part of the routine of our daily walks.