Your wardrobe,

Unlock Your Unique Aura of Style

Discover a revolutionary way to curate your wardrobe and redefine your personal style with AURA—an Ai powered virtual wardrobe.



Categorize and organize clothing items by type, color, season, and more.



Create and save outfits by mixing and matching clothing items from your wardrobe, with AI-generated weather recommendations.



Access a curated selection of fashion advice, trends, and outfit ideas, all personalized to your unique style preferences.

How to upload
items to AURA?

1 Capture Your Style

Snap a photo of your clothing item or its tag using Aura's built-in camera feature. Ensure clear visibility to capture essential details.

2 Smart Scanning

Let Aura work its magic! The app reads and scans the information from your photo, enhancing the images and automatically removing background clutter for a clean look.

3 Edit Tags with Ease

Fine-tune the details! Edit and customize the AI-recognized tags manually. Tailor each item's information to match your preferences or add personalized notes.

4 Save in Your
    Virtual Wardrobe

Hit save, and voilà! Your item is now seamlessly added to your virtual wardrobe. Access it anytime, anywhere, and effortlessly curate your closet with Aura's smart organization.


"Aura is a lifesaver for this busy mom! Quick outfit suggestions and the ability to organize my kids' wardrobes too. It's like having a personal stylist for the whole family."

"Aura is a breath of fresh air. An essential tool in my fashion arsenal!"

“A game-changer for fashion with a purpose.”

"Being into fitness, I love that Aura adapts to my active lifestyle. A must-have!"

“It's like having a personal stylist without breaking the bank!"

"Aura's minimalist interface and wardrobe suggestions align perfectly with my love for simplicity.”

"My go-to app for staying ahead in fashion :)"

"It helps me keep things simple yet stylish. A design that complements a clutter-free wardrobe."

“From brunches to parties, Aura always has my back.”

"Aura's interface is as smooth as its outfit suggestions."

“The app's quick outfit ideas and organized virtual closet keep me stylish without the stress."

"Aura isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good too.”

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